About Us

Tone Struck Records a Rap & R&B independent record label/national promotion company is headed by music executives with a combined 45 years of experience. As most people know by now, approximately 95% of all new recording artists and the producers who write and craft the music that is dominating the charts today are “discovered and initially marketed by “independent business people” who have no connection to the major recording companies.

The major label A&R directors usually react and sign new artists based upon the ground work done by these developing business owners and they continue to nurture those relationships year after year to get hit records. Mr. Lee Ford, has emerged during the past decade as one of the “new corp of record executives” who can be seen in major label executives offices chopping it up with the A&R directors about what’s hot in the streets musically speaking and sharing his expertise on how he feels its best to break a new act in the marketplace. Lee Ford From LA County, California and (KB) Barrell from Milwaukee, Wi. have worked in the Recording industry since 1996, when they launched their new Rap music label called “Tonestruck Records via a national distribution deal with Quality Records.

The labels first release by the LA County, California based group known as “Madd Nation” was a commercial success and their rising popularity eventually led to a world-wide distribution deal with Sony Red Records in 2000. Mr. Ford's and Mr. Barrell 's street marketing techniques also attracted the attention of the Multi-Platinum producer/artist “DJ Quik” who went on to produce several recordings for the group and their music landed on the West Coast Compilation classic called “The Konnected Project.

While launching their new label, They participated in every aspect of the marketing and promotional activities surrounding their new releases and they gained valuable insight as to how to “properly promote and market your music without wasting your hard earned dollars in the process.” Securing their promotional and marketing network from Brooklyn New York to LA County, California, The dual. embarked on a new venture with Warner Bros. Records to release a new R&B artist in 2005-2006. In 2009 ToneStruck Records entered into a union with BET Television where the network assisted the label in breaking the artist/song nationally via a BET News special by featuring the artist’s video on their top rated show “106 & Park”. Lee Ford Jr. and Mr. KB Barrell and their ToneStruck Records is currently in the final stages of preparing the release of the labels new projects that will hit the streets in the first quarter of 2018. Coming out of the gate first will be, 19 year old Twin Brothers Donveon (Dexxx) and Donovan (Donno) Sanders better known to the thousands of their young, dedicated fans as “MT” or the “MARSHALL TWINS” with the single entitled “BAE BAE